Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The first try at blogging

When I was pregnant with my first child, I felt a mix of excitement, relief, joy, and nausea. I just opened my first ever blog account and I feel much the same way. Life is full of firsts, some are not positive experiences, hopefully most are growing experiences. I hope this blog will be both for me.
I express myself best through writing. I try to be honest with and about myself. I have many definite biases but I try to have an open mind. I believe that an occasional 'popping off' is good for you (the original title for this blog was "get your head out of your ass" but I self edited). I believe good people are rare and special, I believe being a good person is the most important goal anyone should have, I believe the "Golden Rule" could probably save the world, and I believe selfish, dumb asses should be called out .................. hey I never said this blog would be nice!
I am certainly not perfect, I am certainly not always the good person I am hoping to grow into. I am a work in progress at best. If you want to take this ride with me, then I would be honoured. I will write about what I have learned and what I, personally, think needs some attention. Like today I learned my spellchecker recognises "dumb asses" and kindly pointed out that it is 2 words, and it warmed my heart........ because I love those words ............and I am obviously not alone.

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  1. Personal growth is a healthy hobby to get into and so is ranting from time to time lest we implode and take our poor families down with us. I look forward to reading your updates!

    I also began another that reflects a more positive side of me than my previous snarky writings. Feel free to check it out: