Monday, 8 June 2015

Can we just PLEASE stop freaking out over boobies and breastfeeding?

Good for this woman (link to her story below). I love what she did and said. I would only add (and it's not the first time I have said it) ..... CAN. WE. PLEASE. GET. OVER. THIS. Boobs and Babes are natural. If a woman chooses to breastfeed, then we should support her. If she doesn't, we should support her too. But a boob has never, ever, never burned out someones retina. It is not dangerous to look at, it is not Medusa. A boob can not turn you to stone. And NO woman feeding her baby should ever feel ashamed of her booby. If she CHOOSES to cover up, that is fine, but it should not be out of shame. It's just a boob folks, nothing to see here. I saw one in the mirror this morning, in fact I saw 2. Lucky me, to have kept both when some women face such serious health scares that they lose one or both. They were looking a little rough, were looking every bit their 42 years of age, were looking like they'd spent almost 4 years feeding babies, and they were looking pretty fiercely proud of all that. The world has never once failed to spin on her axis when anyone else saw them either.

Seriously, CAN WE JUST GET OVER THIS? I am proud of this woman. I am sorry if she felt even a moment of shame or self doubt because of that man. He had no right to judge her or her booby. I'd LIKE to say that all of this stems from some sort of misogynistic societal bias that boobs are only to be seen when perfect and for the pleasure of others ........... but that's only just a tiny part. It's honestly the, so called, first world's horrifyingly immature attitude about sex and willingness to view prudishness as morality. Somehow we have made sex, intimacy, and our bodies so ridiculously shameful that we think anything remotely related should never be brought out into the light or celebrated or VALUED. It's bad, and disgraceful, and unclean, and should only happen in dark, secret places .......... but bad things can happen and do happen in dark places. Now, I'm not advocating public fornication ......... but can we start evolving into human beings, who embrace their bodies, appreciate beautiful moments of human intimacy (like a Mother Breastfeeding her baby), and make wildly empowered, and respectful decisions about their relationships with their own bodies and the bodies of others - so we can have healthy, enlightened, and happy physical and sexual lives. Full and rich with comfort, and a profound knowledge of the value of touch, physical intimacy, and sexual enjoyment - and the gift of knowing most of the intimacy and love we crave and need (to be fulfilled human beings) isn't actually sexual at all ..... that part is just a bonus.

And in closing, might I simply add that everyone who continues to compare the "natural act" of breastfeeding to the "natural act" of peeing and pooing, as an argument against breastfeeding in public, deserves having someone leave a giant turd in the middle of their dining room table while they are eating ........... you know, to help them see the difference.

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